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German Shorthaired Pointers are versatile, intelligent, athletic, and loyal. Packed full of energy, GSPs crave constant exercise and engagement. Our Dogs are raised with families in mind and are the perfect companion in the field and at home.


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German Shorthaired Pointers

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German Shorthaired Pointer – Male


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German Shorthaired Pointer – Female

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We select dogs with diverse genetics in order to preserve the varying colors GSP dogs are historically know to exhibit. We do not wish to partake in the degradations in breed health associated with the AKC breed standard as has been seen in other breeds of dogs. To that end we select for health, intelligence, ability, and genetic diversity.


We start training our puppies at 6 weeks of age with basic commands and house breaking. At 3 to 4 months we begin to introduce them to bumpers and retrieving work so your new puppy will be well on their way to being the best gun dog they can be when you take them home.  

In the Home

Our dogs are not kennel dogs. They live in our house as part of our family. So you can expect your new puppy to be right at home curled up on the couch or rough housing with small children as they are well acclimated to an active home.

in the Field

We work our dogs on 200 acres of mixed woods and pasture land using GPS enabled ecollars so they are trained to tone, point well and have incredible prey drive. Our dogs tend to work in 50 to 100 yards orbits and are expert small game hunters. 

 What Drives Us

Our Mission

I’ve been around German Shorthaired Pointers my entire life. My grandfather raised them for quail hunting and some of my earliest memories are of my first dog a GSP named Lefty. I wanted my children to grow up with this amazing breed of dogs too. So we sat out on this little adventure to teach our kids how to raise and train these wonderfully animated animals. We truly believe there is no finer breed of dog in existence. These days we continue to work with this fascinating breed in order to introduce new folks to what we consider to be the absolute best dog on the planet.

Learn More

New to German Shorthaired Pointers? Check out the next video by the awesome folks over at Standing Stone Kennels to see just how awesome these dogs are.



Bringing Home Your Puppy

What to Expect

Bird Dogs are an energetic bunch. German Shorthaired Pointers are especially so. They are loveably spastic goof balls, boisterous, full of energy and definitely smarter than your average doggo. They love to please and have a drive to work unlike most other breeds. They are at their best when kept active. 

the Perfect Pet

German Shorthaired Pointers were bred in the 1800s to be the perfect gentleman’s gun dog. A little blood hound for tracking, some Spanish pointer for athleticism, blend with German bird dogs for retrieving and intelligence, then add just a touch of English Pointer for class.  This breed really is the best all around dog in the world. Learn more about them at the link below.

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